• Build Tooling

    Posted in Build Tools, Web Development on Nov 21, 2019

    CI / CD

    I recently implemented Drone as the continuous integration system at our agency, and it stands head and shoulders above everything else I have tried. There is something beautiful in the truly pluggable and cloud native way in which it handles composing a pipeline of actions to perform. It has given us the flexibility to practice devops while maintaining agility within our team, and I can't recommend it highly enough to any team looking for a CI / CD platform.

    I plan on updating this post here in the next few days as well as writing with a more regular cadence, but for now I have been w...

  • Welcome to My Blog

    Posted in General Nonsense, Web Development on Jun 02, 2019


    I expect that given my rambling nature there will be posts ranging from random nonsense about whiskey, to the occasional household construction project. My goal will be to focus on web development, and the things I feel I can pontificate on with a small measure of success. My personal background is in the understanding of systems, and in particular computers and their related software and hardware infrastructure.

    I think that there are a few key skills that any web developer needs,

    1. A high quality understanding of semantic HTML
    2. An understanding of CSS and the box model
    3. Javascript to han...