I love Technology
and I have a passion for solving complex problems

My earliest memories are of sitting with my brothers as they showed me how to work with early Windows™ operating systems and a command line. Later I would spend hours sitting on my father's lap as he showed me how to build a web page, and I never stopped learning. From these early experiences I developed a passion for technology and problem solving. Let me show you how that passion can be put to work solving your problems.

I am skilled in the use of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to create rich user experiences. I am also familiar with AngularJS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL to create interactive single page applications. Currently I am diving into ReactJS in order to expand my knowledge base.

Recent Work


A custom website built on the Wordpress platform for the design, and communication experts at CEI


A custom website built on the Wordpress platform for the transportation specialists at US Freight LLC


A custom website built on the Magento platform for the knife maker Wüsthof.

My Personal Blog

A blog built on the October cms framework, with a custom theme.